The request

The smoother the conversations between managers and their employees, the better the functioning of an organization. In addition, the methods of making a conversation more effective is an aspect that can always use some further polishing. Management teams and boards realize this, which is why Dialogis is regularly approached to provide continuous training for managers in order to refine the way they converse.

Our offer

A yearly recurring program that we offer to managers for practicing how to conduct a difficult or unusual conversation. The managers practice their conversation exercise with an actor while the trainer observes and provides feedback. The trainer also offers tips that the practicing party tries in this situation. The trainer always explains the effect of the approach and the skills. Since this exercise is carried out with one or two colleagues, the participants can also observe the effects. This means hearing, seeing, experiencing and practicing – and adding new work methods to their battery of skills. This training program is also given on an individual basis.

The effect

Less stress and better results. Managers who have participated in this program have noticed that sick leave decreased in their departments. Self-confidence and introspection increased and these managers report that they not only get more out of themselves, but the qualities of their middle management and employees are utilized better. This way both managers and their staff reach a higher level of performance!

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• Less stress and better results

• More talent development