The request

We often get requests from customers to provide individual coaching. Directors, managers, supervisors, specialists or team members have all sorts of reasons for requesting coaching. Some want to be more effective in managing, some want to feel well-prepared for a new job, and others are afraid of burn-out. At times the party concerned will turn to us because executive management has asked him/her to seek support.

Our offer

Each coaching program is different. Obviously, the individual needs determine the program. The length of the program also varies. Sometimes two sessions within a month will suffice. At other times a program might last for a year and will include eight sessions. The methods are selected based on the customer's requirements: the methods might include reflecting, thinking, planning, experiencing, writing, trying out, expressing, fantasizing, imagining, organizing or practicing with an actor or facilitator. The goals of the customer always determine the content and form of the process.

The effect

Because we function as objective questioners, reflectors, critics or co-thinkers and because we always look for our customers' qualities and place absolute trust in people's own ability to find solutions, the effect is that the participants ultimately excel themselves within the results that are achieved. They find that after completing our training they can manage more effectively and with more self-confidence, they can manage things better, persuade others more easily (for example, in their projects), be more creative, better prepared for a new task or a new position, be more solution- oriented and possess more energy and daringness. In short: by reflecting they develop in the desired direction.

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