The request

Responsibilities are divided within management teams. Management team members usually make proposals and expect to get the support of their colleagues. At the same time they are not interested in having their colleagues redo their thinking process. After all, that's not why they have their individual expertise. How do you manage to create a supportive base under these conditions? Dialogis is invited to help teams find an answer to this issue.

Our offer

After observing one of the management meetings, we submit feedback about the patterns in the session. This gives the team members an insight into effective patterns and obstructive patterns. Afterwards, new methods are offered and tested. After a number of months, a new observation session takes place to check how the development was realized. This will constitute the base for the next steps.

The effect

The management teams are amazed about the limited time they need to invest compared to the effect of this program. In addition, they are happy about the usefulness of the resources we offer and the effects of the intervention on the relationships. It seems that they also use these resources in other decision-making sessions. They also appreciate very much the fact that they can transmit these tools to others. In addition, they experience a greater sense of support and acknowledgment in their discipline/portfolio.

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• New, more effective patterns

• Acceptance and content of the decisions