The request

Changes compel organizations to constantly review their work situation. This sometimes leads to eliminating or outsourcing jobs or to shrinking organizational units. The consequence is that people can lose their jobs. Many organizations want to assist these people in finding new jobs. In addition, organizations offer their employees the support required for meeting career applications or development needs. Due to the large variety of organizations, Dialogis is asked frequently to provide this support.

Our offer

Reflections on the qualities, strengths and drives of the parties involved, training in presenting matters with self- confidence, carrying out job application interviews, determining the choices and desires for a career path, assignments to carry out in practice. Depending on the requirements of the participants and the reason for the organization's participation, these activities can be part of the program that we offer.

The effect

After completing the program, two-third of the participants will have found new jobs. In more than half of the cases, the participants tell us that they are happier in their new jobs than in the old ones. They state that they have found a place that has more meaning for them. They may have gone through a rough period, but in retrospect, they look back with satisfaction.

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• Reflection on your unique set of talents

• Getting the job that fits for this set