Team Coaching

The request

Strengthening cooperation: There are various reasons why managers turn to Dialogis to organize one or more sessions with a team in order to focus on mutual cooperation. Sometimes the request is related to changes faced by the team or which the team has undergone. Sometimes the communication patterns in the team are no longer effective or it is simply useful to devote attention to each other following a hectic period. Companies might also decide on having a team session with a specific theme related to the profession practiced by the team.

Our offer

The methods in these programs can vary: various discussion groups, plenary image creation, creative forms such as singing, music, drama or photography are elements in these programs. A serious mood or mainly a lively program: the goal determines the work procedure. The program might also include coaches from other disciplines, such as sport counselors, musicians, conductors or artists. In all cases, we use coaches who also put passion into their work.

The effect

The programs are a true experience and teams remember them for years to come. The participants come out with insights and are aware of how their conduct affects others. There are no lists with points of attention that are stuffed away in a drawer and ignored, but rather intrinsic motivation to continue meeting with each other following these sessions.

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• The goals determine the methods and process

• Effective patterns in cooperation