Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

• Shell International
• Shell Chemicals Europe
• Total Europe
• Kraton Polymers Ned. BV
• Basell Benelux (Manufacturer, Distributor and Sales organization)
• Vopak
• Fuji


• Coca Cola
• Heineken (Brewery & Export)
• Vrumona Soft Drinks
• Sara Lee

Transport & Technique

• BMI Groothandel
• Maersk Terminals
• Danieli Chorus (Iron Ovens)
• Bahco Tools
• Sijthoff Press & Publishing (Newspapers and Magazines)
• ProRail (Prorail Dutch Railway Network)


• DORC (Dutch Opthalmic Research Centre International)

Government of the Netherlands

• Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment
• Ministry of Foreign Affairs
• Ministry of Defence
• Ministry of Security and Justice
• Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (former Ministry of Transport, Public Works and
  Water Management and the former Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment)
• Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation
• Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations
• Council of State
• Dutch Audit Organisation on the legality, effectiveness and efficiency of the regional
• Overschie District Council Office
• City of Rotterdam
• City of Maastricht
• City of the Hague
• Inspection of Social Security
• Social Intelligence and Investigation Service
• UWV (UWV is an autonomous administrative authority (ZBO) and is commissioned by the
  Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (SZW) to implement employee insurances and
  provide labour market and data services.

Public Prosecution Service

• Public Prosecution Service district Arnhem
• Public Prosecution Service district Amsterdam
• Public Prosecution Service district Breda
• Public Prosecution Service district Haarlem
• Public Prosecution Service district 's Hertogenbosch
• Public Prosecution Service district Assen
• Scientific Department Public Prosecution Service
• Study Centre of Justice
• Foundation of the Public Field
• National Office of Mediation next to Jurisdiction
• Dutch Association of the Jurisdiction


• Museum of the University of Utrecht
• HBO Raad (The Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences)
• Burkina Fasso Education Centre (Africa)
• In HOLLAND (University of Applied Sciences)
• Johan de Witt College
• Paasberg Primary School
• Fluvius Foundation of Primary Schools

Business Services

• JMD Advies
• The Hague Consultancy Office of Public Affairs
• Kepner Tregoe
• Kepner Tregoe France
• Iron Mountain Information
• Zonta

Legal & Finance

• The Dutch National Bank
• ING Banking
• ING Interadvice
• BDO Corporate Finance
• Berk Accountancy
• KPMG Audit & Advisory

Health Care and Environment

• Milieudienst West-Holland (Environmantal Services and Administration of the Western
• RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment)
• Parlan Youth & Parenting help
• Thuiszorg Rotterdam (Rotterdam Home Care Organisation)
• Ned. Unie van Opticiëns (Dutch Union of Opticians)
• Staatsbosbeheer (Staatsbosbeheer is commissioned by the Dutch government and manages a
  large part of the nature reserves in the Netherlands
• Anova
• Omnigroen