The request

We receive requests from both front-office teams and helpdesk teams, from account managers and from service departments, to support their teams by increasing customer orientation. Some teams are too subservient; others respond a bit too rigidly to customer requests, while another team simply wants to be more effective in assisting the customer. In all cases, they have good intentions, but being customer oriented demands more. It usually means adding the right tools to the toolkits.

Our offer

The starting point of our customized program is that the successes achieved up till now by the team are the result of the qualities of each individual team member. First we identify these qualities. Afterwards we provide the team members with a battery of tools that are part of customer-oriented conduct. Finally, the participants practice the skills that are useful for them, depending on their individual situation and client accounts.

The effect

The program manages to strengthen customer orientation and service to such extent that customers take notice of the improvement. A customer satisfaction survey shows that customers give high scores to 'receiving respect', 'understanding of their feelings' and 'being helped satisfactorily'. In addition, after completing the program the team members have more selfrespect, feel surer of themselves, and are less stressed about also handling difficult or complex requests in a satisfactory manner. They are able to distinguish between their own responsibility and the responsibility of the customer, between content and relationship, between service and submission, between clarity and rigidness.

They become familiar with customer orientation tools and how they can use them!

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