The request

Conflicts within teams, tense relationships among managers or between a manager and an employee, deadlocks, conflicts that seem unbridgeable at the managerial level, etc. Due to our work methods and our solution-focused way of viewing matters, Dialogis often gets requests to mediate conflicts. Dialogis counselors are also certified mediators.

Our offer

The process starts as soon as the parties involved have agreed individually to engage in this process. Individual discussions constitute the basis for the subsequent steps. The program usually consists of a number of meetings with all the parties involved. In some cases, this is followed by a training session. The focus lies on the future and on the interests and goals of the parties.

The effect

Ultimately, the conflict moves forward towards an improved situation. No matter how big the chasm appear to be, regardless of how far apart from each other the parties feel and how high the emotions run – the parties describe the situation 'after' as 'cleared up' and 'workable'. They are proud of the efforts they were able to muster and that they can continue working further with each other.

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