The request

Many inspection agencies (both in the private sector and within various governmental bodies) are looking for ways to improve their inspection tasks so that they will project more confidence, customer-friendliness, integrity and predictability. At the same time, they would like to use stricter standards. Inspectors want to have the tools to bend resistance into cooperation and motivation for complying with the new norms.

Our offer

We develop programs that offer conceptual perceptions and teach practical skills. The subjects are: inspection as a profession, stressful areas in the field, identity and roles, the chain of responsibilities, the inspection cycle, the norms, expertise assurance, discussion techniques, obtaining information, setting boundaries, negotiating, and customer relation management.

The effect

After completing the programs, inspectors have more self-confidence, daringness and self-respect. They achieve faster and better results with less effort. They become far more effective after practicing situations from their daily practice. Organization boards are especially content with the fact that inspectors receive more cooperation from the inspected organizations and institutes, on the one hand, and at the same time, high standards are achieved. They are also very satisfied with the increased flexibility of the inspectors and their greater involvement. The latter emerges from initiatives for improvements, reduction of costs, increase of information exchange and mainly from more uniformity in the way they inspect.

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• Inspection as profession

• The conceptual framework and the
  practical skills