The request

Alongside regular work, organizations always have 'exceptional' assignments that need to be taken care of: setting up a new production line, implementing another information system, learning to use a different work procedure, launching a new product, etc. Dialogis regularly receives requests about how these projects can be directed efficiently and successfully. Sometimes this concerns the implementation of a project management system, for example in a museum and when introducing the euro; sometimes it concerns project managers and project team members who have to learn the systematics of project management. In these cases there is a need for systematics, which is suitable not only for ICT projects. Dialogis acquires assignments that concern issues about project management, such as project commissioning, portfolio of projects, communication in and around projects, foundations for projects, etc.

Our offer

Together with the commissioning party we examine what the best approach is for solving the issues related to Project Management. This approach might be a modular training, strengthening the existing Project Management system in the organization, training the project managers in how to implement a new system. The approach can also be coaching a project team or organizing meetings about the project management that include various subjects. We can even organize a dialog between the commissioning party and the project managers or – in collaboration with Kepner Tregoe Nederland – training sessions for the project managers so that they can use this system to round off their project successfully.

The effect

Participants perceive our offer as practical, employable, immediately applicable, useful and systematic. Another important effect is that project managers can delegate more easily, have a better grip on things, be stronger partners to their principals or steering committees and simply have success with their projects. They also notice that it is easier to get good specialists to join their projects simply because team members find it more pleasurable and responsible to contribute to these projects. The team members feel that they are taken more seriously by their project managers. The development of the project managers therefore has a beneficial effect on the projects, the project team members and the principals!

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