The request

Companies in the Netherlands, as well as in Africa and Asia, want to maintain up-to-date instruments in the field of Human Resources. These instruments must continue to serve the goals of the company within the legal regulations while taking societal norms into account. Since Human Resource instruments are there to be used and not to lie idly on the shelves of the HR departments, it is important that managers and employees learn how to use them properly.

Our offer

Dialogis offers courses and training
• For managers to understand the instruments and use them
• For employees to play their role
• For HR consultants to fill in their role as line and/or management supporters

The effect

The result is that the participants learn to manage these instruments, they understand their own roles and they translate it into their daily tasks. They gain awareness of the respon- sibilities of all the parties involved and act accordingly. The effect is an engaging company that performs on the level that it wants.

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