The request

Judges, justice officials, lawyers and legal staff are professionals who practice their profession effectively and incorruptibly on a very high level. They are usually perfectionists who have extensive knowledge. When conducting a court hearing, presenting at a court session or defending the interests of their clients – these professional need supplementary skills: communication and management aspects. To sharpen these aspects they often turn to Dialogis.

Our offer

We offer several programs – individually or in small groups – in which these professionals examine the way they view their jobs and how they can add substance to it. Based on exercises from their own practical situations they become more aware of the effect of their handlings and consequently, the extent to which their goals are realized. They polish their skills and add new ones. This way they meet their high standards or continue to do so.

Individual programs take place on-the-job. The professionals are observed during their work and afterwards receive feed- back. Here too, we mainly work on the goals of the professional and the effect of their conduct.

The effect

The result of our approach is that professionals become far more effective by making minor changes only. They describe the effects as 'fundamental', 'penetrating' and 'thorough', and at the same time 'practical' and 'useful'. They notice immediately that they do their work with more self-confidence and satisfaction.

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