The request

Changes in the market or in legislations forces organizations to strengthen their management. Managers often experience a sense of loneliness at the top and they have a need to polish their management qualities.

Our offer

The request determines the content, form and duration of the program. The program mainly scrutinizes day-to-day manage- ment, especially dilemmas and issues that play a role at management level. We teach theory based on these issues and provide models for analyzing and solving them. The program includes exercises to supplement the 'thinking' with 'doing'.

The effect

Managers who have participated in this program have stated that the success of the program is in discovering (or rediscovering) their qualities and in getting the opportunity to practice these qualities in 'safe' situations. What surprised them the most was that instead of making big changes in their style and personality, the minor changes were the ones that booked the greater successes.
The most important tools used by managers are:
• Focusing on the solution rather than on the problem.
• Using ideas that have already proven themselves in the past.
• Benefiting from what one wants or can do instead of emphasizing the difficulties or impossibilities.

The image of a manager as a lonely rider is quickly discarded and is replaced by an image of a top man who together with his team records a handsome performance. Being a manager becomes a nice, challenging and mediating job!

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• See the talents of your team growing and getting stronger

• See the unity and solidity improving